PMC Clay

So I ordered a starter PMC kit from Delphi Glassand it’s great!  It came with some PMC+ clay, a butane torch (I have no kiln), an instructional book (which I am totally not in love with), Firing brick (which came a little broken), tweezers, palette knife, clay roller, half round file, shader brush, rubber polishing block, and a stainless steel polishing brush.

Here’s the picture from the Delphi Website:

PMC starter kit 

 So, first I took out the book and started reading to get a good base on what exactly I was going to have to do.  I had been lurking on PMC sites and on some other crafty blogs to see what other people were doing with it, so most of the information in the introduction was just reiterating things I read on-line.  The designs were ok- she uses a lot of molds and a lot of the slip style PMC, so it wasn’t the greatest for what I had.  She also doesn’t make allowances for torch firing in most of her instructions.  There are two pages on it at the end of the book that tell me not to use stones with the torch except cubic zirconiums or small pieces of already made gold and silver.  

But the actually tools are great- they are all really nice and well made, everything was well packages, and I’m very happy with my torch.

 I have some stones and shells from the beach this summer and I torched them a little to see if I could use them in the piece I was making, and I felt like at least one piece of shell held up enough so I used it.  We’ll see what happens!


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