Christmas Knitting

Ok- so it’s almost September and I have started picking out Christmas gifts to knit for friends and family.  Here is what I am thinking so far-

 **If you are Hannah, Mom, Roanne, or Grandma- please do not read this post.  Thank you!

 SO for Hannah I am thinking something simple but very soft and very useful.  I was thinking Fetching from Knitty Summer 2006

Fetching from Knitty 

They are gorgeous, cute, and I think she’ll use them.  I actually am starting them today with Willow Blue Sky Organic Cotton.  It is a blend of naturally occuring colors in the cotton, so it is actually undyed and even more gentle!  It’s my favorite!  So soft and the colors are so mellow!  I have to go get #6 needles, but luckily Windsor Button is close enough to run to at lunch time!

Willow 85 Blue Sky Organic Cotton

 For Roanne and possibly my mother also I was thinking from Knitty Winter 2004: Aibhlinn.  I am thinking of doing it for my mother in Organic Blue Sky Alpaca (I told you it was my favorite!  And for Roanne- in the sea cell yarn.  I hope I can knit them both.  I’ll probably knit my mom’s up first because I’m used to working in the cotton and then knit Roanne’s.  I’m a little apprehensive about the sea cell, but I think she’ll love it.  It will have to be her only present as the sea cell is cost prohibitive.

aibhlinn from Knitty Winter 04

I reall want to make the Mrs. Bretton pattern from Knitty Winter 2005!  I’m not sure who to make it for thought- they are so pretty, but I think they are kind of silly.

Mrs. Beeton

I just love them, but who would appreciate the whimsy?  Well I know who would, but she does read this…

 And for Grandma!  I am thinking about making an afghan- I love the Lizard Ridge pattern from Knitty Fall 2006.  I am just making a lap blanket that grandma can curl up in on the couch with her cat.  I think she’ll like it, but I can’d decide what colors G-ma would like it in.  I have a bunch of Peruvian wool from overbuying for Christmas projects last year.  That would probably be a good use for it!

Lizard Ridge Afghan

 so those are my knitting plans.  Since it’s August I don’t think this is too many projects, but we’ll see how long the Aiblinn project takes.  I could just do a boring pattern for G-ma.  I think she’ll like it either way.  I still have to figure out knitting gifts for: Dad, Becca?, Liz, Ben, Ben’s dad?, and Jessie?.  That seems a little much.

 We’ll see.  Christmas in August!  Will post on Monday about progress on Fetching!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting

  1. I was going to make Fetching for my stepsisters for the holidays! I’ve finished one in some hand-dyed yarn, and I just can’t decide if I like it or not, but it’s a super fast knit and I love the picot bind off they use!

    I think Lizard Ridge would be really pretty in the wool you have – you have so many colors that you could easily stripe for fun too!

    You might want to double the SeaSilk if you get the fingering weight, but the cowl thing I can’t spell is so much fun to knit!

    I love whimsy!

  2. Hey Lindsey, it’s Caroline (from high school)! I found your lovely blog via my facebook homepage.

    I admire/envy people that can knit presents and actually finish them on time. I’m still working on a scarf that was supposed to be a birthday present for my girlfriend, and her birthday was in January!

    Anyway, Fetching is a fun little project. I made it last year, and now that you’ve reminded me of it I’m very tempted to knit up a new pair this weekend.

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