Fetching Progress

We drove down to Montreal this weekend, and I knitted the entire way there and got on hand on Fetching done!  These are the pictures I took in New Hampshire, so they are not as far as long as I am, but I couldn’t believe how fast it was knitting up!

Fetching 1  Fetching 2  Fetching 3

This is right before I got to the final cable and the Piquot bind off.  The purple is the placement of the thumb.   They are really soft and very pretty on.  If I did it again I might use a solid color instead of the two color, but the cotton is wonderful to knit with and I think I might make myself a pair!


2 thoughts on “Fetching Progress

  1. Wow, they look great in the cotton! How did the picot bind off go? That’s my favorite part of the Fetching. I might try to make a pair with a thumb gore – I don’t know why the lack of a gore frustrates me so much.

  2. The picot bind off went well- it looks different than the picture. I think I went the wrong way. Just modify the pattern! When I did my thumb I added more stitches and decreased. and then I did some picot bind off on the thumb so it wouldn’t be tight- it turned out well. I’ll post more pictures tonight or tomorrow.

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