Another Fetching Update

I took a picture as I was knitting on the way to work today so I could post my progress on the other hand!  I love how the cables go the opposite way on this hand- so pretty.  I really do love this pattern.  And I’m 6 rows and 1 thumb away from having my first Christmas present done!  I feel like I’m really accomplishing something.  (though I did pick the easiest one to do first)  Well here’s the picture!

 Fetching second hand

I think next I will start the cowl for my mom.  I am going to see her this weekend and will sneakily get the color of her winter coat out of her- by asking her what color her winter coat is.  (very sneaky!)  I really want to use the organic cotton.  Maybe I’ll do the cowl in sage or sand organic cotton.  We’ll see if it matchers her jacket.  

Sand                Sage

Sand 81           Sage



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