Christmas Update!

My mother’s coat is a blue, so I think Sage would be a really nice compliment for it.  So just to review:

aibhlinn from Knitty Winter 04   in   Sage

 Still don’t have a present worked out for Dad.  The problem is that he doesn’t like scarves which should be the perfect present.  He doesn’t really wear gloves, and a sweater seems very daunting.  I made him a hat a couple of Xmases ago, and that was a big hit, but it’s been done.  I’ll have to keep looking!

 Also, I have been obsessed with this illustrator from Australia, Kat McLeod,  recently.  She does some illustrations in Real Simple.  You can see her art here at Michi Girl, and I subscribed to the daily e-mails just to see the pictures, but the e-mails actually are FAB. 

I didn’t work on anything much over the weekend, but I am still tantilizingly close to being done Fetching altogether!  I’ll try to finish tonight!

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