So this morning I started a neckwarmer for my friend to swap for some yarn.  I started using this hand dyed alpaca I had, but it was really light weight and I doubled two different colors which was really pretty (I’ll post a picture later), but it’s not bulky enough for Boston winters (when she comes to visit me).  So- I went to Windsor Button and got some stuff!

This is the pattern I started working from.  Or I should say I thought about. 


Here’s the picture.  I just love the buttons!  So cute!  But I didn’t like that you knit it like a scarf, so this morning I thought I’d be smart and knit it from the top down.  It’s very pretty, but it’s more like a summer neckwarmer. 

So my shopping trip turned out this:


Baby Alpaca yarn!!  Perfect for winter and GREEN- so you know she’ll love it!  I also bought awesome buttons. and boring old tapestry needles.  Pictured is also my stapler and work desk.

If you can’t see the color that well (it’s Olive)

olive alpaca yarn

But of course- now I’m not sure about the pattern and about my needle seize (9). 

 Gee golly


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