I heart Neckwarmers

So I’m loving this project.  After a few false starts I have the general neckwarmer idea down.  I am not using any sort of pattern, but I just feel like that’s simpler.  I’m going to see how it fits after I get about 8 inches in and I might increase or decrease accordingly.

neckwarmer in olive  neckwarmer just started

This is the bottom of the neckwarmer.  I’m knitting it on 13’s- a little bigger than what it says on the yarn.  I knit the bottom 5 rows in Irish Moss stitch and am knitting the five stitches on the end of every rown in Irish Moss stitch (with a couple mistakes, I must say).  The yarn is a dream to work with, the color is gorgeous (my camera does not do it justice!), and it’s knitting up so quickly!  This is what I got done on my morning commute.  I knit through my lunch hour and I’ll knit on the way home.  I have to finish for tomorrow!!  I also have fab buttons to sew on!  I’ll post the completed pictures, don’t worry!


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