Tis the time to clean!

Everyone talks about how spring is the time to get your house emptied of all of the dirt and clutter of Winter- but I am contesting that fact.  Fall is actually the time of cleaning, I believe.  It’s the time of cleaning because in fall you have to entertain inside, your inside for the first time in four months, and you actually have nothing better to do than clean your home.  Spring is when you want to run around outside, get as much ice cream as possible, and not think about the pile of laundry or dishes that will haunt you in the fall. 

 In this vein- I cleaned my yarn basket last night!  It was kind of comical because I was looking for some Lion Wool Thick n Quick to teach my boss how to knit, and I wasn’t sure I had it, so I look in my yarn basket that lives in the living room first- no thick n quick.  I did find two unfinished scarves and a couple of projects that I started never to complete.  After ripping out two incomplete cell phone cozies that I never liked anyway and contemplating how I was going to felt the three make up bags I have to felt without a washing machine, and balling 5 skeins of yarn, I begin to wonder where the rest of my yarn is.  You see- we moved in six months ago, and as it was summer for half of that time I haven’t started any projects. 

 I have a tree stump next to my tv- it’s an ikea seat/ table/ storage bin shaped like a tree stump, but it’s bright green.  That apparently is only holding my stash of cotton.  Who knew I had so much cotton!  And it doesn’t include my organic blue sky alpaca which is in a bag next to my bed or the left over ball from fetching. 

 And then I realized!  I HAVE A YARN BIN!  I hadn’t seen it in three months!!  Not only do I have thick n quick (I was getting nervous!), I have three different colors!  Not to mention this amazing little silky yarn that is a mystery because it doesn’t have a label-  Or the red and white wool I bought to make Ben a red sox scarf!  Amazing!  So- this is my project for tonight!  AND I can figure out what i can make for people from yarn that I already have.  That is an awesome concept, I have to say.  YAY CLEANING!


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