Christmas Update

So I was thinking about making these for my friend Becca.  They are Tiffany from Knitty Winter 2006.  Here is a picture:


SO- the question is.  Are these too hard with everything else I have going on?  It would be my first fair isle project and also my first actual mittens as Fetching was my first for the hands knitting.  The pattern says it will take an experienced knitter 1 week to finish them.  Hmm… It would have to be my at home project because it has too many colors to take on the T.  I also would have to change the colors for Becca.  Like instead of the green it would probably be a deep blue.  Hmmm…


She also might like plain angora mittens.  OR I could make extra long mittens- sort of a cross between mittens and wrist warmers.  That would be great!   I could start with the Tiffany Top and then cable to the wrists and down.  That would be very pretty.


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