One Christmas Gift down!

So- I finished fetching.  They are so pretty and so nice to wear!  I just love them!

 fetching done!   fetching-done.jpg

I wore them to work today to take pictures on the T in the natural light.  It was hard to take them off and put them away and remind myself they’re not staying with me!!  I made one little mistake on the right one with cable direction, but I’m not telling where it is! I am soo going to have to make myself a pair when my Christmas push is over.

Two fetchigns done!

So in the spirit of stash busting I began knitting Christmas gifts that used yarn that I already have.  I have to say- what’s the fun in that?  I started Knucks from Summer 2006 Knitty, and they are hard!  I have done just one thumb, but I’m trying to do all of the fingers to start with so on the second hand it won’t seem like such a big job.  I was going to make them for Ben with a red and silver strip and to say FOOT BALL on the knuckles.  Is this silly?  Maybe not.  I was thinking whatelse I would put on gloves for Ben- fine guy, digs golf, base ball-  none of these seemed to be as good at foot ball.  hmmm…

Also- I am about to start formentioned blanket for grandma.  Lizard Ridge from Knitty Fall 2006.  It is made with Noro Kureyon, and I was planning on doing it with peruvian wool that I have left over from last Christmas in a million colors, but I don’t know if it would look as nice- so I might knit one square tonight and see where it goes from there.

My silver pendant is still waiting to be fired!  I’m planning on doing it tonight, but first I have to clean my studio because there are A LOT of flamable things just hanging about.  And I’ve been a little nervous about the whole firing thing.  I have to find my saftey goggles.  Can’t wait to clean my studio- see?  Autumn cleaning at its best!


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