Christmas Plans Thwarted-

So the new Knitty has come out!!!  SQUEAL!  I LOVE it!! 

I’m so excited it’s fall!!!!  I just want to do nothing but knit all weekend!  It’s

 ANYWAY- this totally thwarts my Christmas plans!  Well this first one doesn’t.  It just adds on-  For my friend Bob who is super cool- I think I would like to make him a pair of socks.  These would be my first regular size socks, having made baby socks and slippers for felting before.  The Back to Basics sock is PERFECT!  It seems a. like a perfect first sock project and b. like a sock Bob would actually wear!  He has diabetic feet, so they demand special attention as you can read about here

 Back to Basics Front

Next – again, not a change but an addition- Urchin, a super cool beret.  Perfect for Liz, Ben’s college age sister.  Very chic, very sophisticated, perfect for those New England bar hopping extravaganzas!  (She’s going to be 21 in January!)  I’ll have to find the perfect yarn for this hat!  I love the yarn she uses in the pink version.  I have some yarn just like that in orange that is becoming a scarf for me, but I bet I can find it in a nice light color.  Maybe cream- maybe light blue.


Ok- so there’s this lace afghan that I LOVE in the new knitty, but I don’t know if I can handle lace- I mean, it’s GORG, but will it drive me MAD?  Here it is: Totally Autumn  I might do a square and see how I like it.  (Talking about squares-  I never did a square of the Lizard Ridge afghan to see how I liked that.  I’m so behind already!)

Totally Autumn

This has to be for me!   Entwined– it’s a scarf/ fingerless glove combo.  Looks perfect for commuting once the Boston weather hits!  It maybe be put on a backburner until I figure out if there is anyone else who might like it for Christmas.  I mean- it’s perfect for all of your coldweather needs!! 


Muir is something I would LOVE to make.  It’s gorgeous and it looks like so much fun to know, but it looks HARD.  And- we already talked about my lace problem.  My mother would love this- probably more than the cowl I was going to make her.  We’ll see what enfolds.  Maybe I’ll start Totally Autumn and if it goes well I’ll try my hand at Muir.  It would be appropriate for spring, so I could always knit my mom up a swatch and attatch it to a card- for things to come.  Well – here it is in all it’s lacey glory.


and a close up of the pattern: 

Muir close up





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