Knucks of supreme disappointment

I’m sad…  it’s true.  I was so excited about making knucks.  I mean, what could be better?  It seemed so easy.  Then- it wasn’t!  I even followed the pattern!  Actually I followed the pattern more closely than perhaps I’ve followed any pattern to date, and I was using needles that I’m not sure what size they were- but I think they’re 5’s which is a size up from what they tell you to use in the pattern.  Here I am happily working on the fingers.  I tried each one on, made sure it was an appropriate length and width.  Going so well!  I’m thinking- I can make a ton of these before Christmas!  Knucks for everyone!

knucks in progress 1

So, then it happened.  I got to the joining row.  The stressful row.  The row of crushed dreams.  I read the pattern 5 or 6 times preparing myself for the ssks and knit togethers.   I’m ready!  I started- and finished and it was pretty painless.  I moved onto the next row, and looked at my work.  It is so small!!  I can’t get my hand into it!  I can’t decide if I’m over reacting or if I should scrap it- it’s not worth the aggravation. 

Sad day.


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