I LOVE football season

You see- Football season ist he best time of year.  It starts to get chilly, so it’s time to start your Christmas/ self knitting, your fiance requires less scrumptious food than usual, and you get at least 4 hours of uninterupted knitting time on Sunday AND Monday evenings.  What could be better?! 

 So- Roanne and I are sitting on the couch knitting last night during the Pats game.  Roanne is working on a sweater that she’s been knitting for 7 – 10 years, we’re not sure exactly when it was started, what yarn she is using, and she doesn’t really have a pattern, but she’s almost done.   It’s very exciting.  I think I talked her into making it a tank top, so she doesn’t have to do arms. 

 I was working on Aibhlinn from Knitty Winter 04.  It is so much fun!  It took me the entire game to cast on and do the bobble row- WHEW!  But now that I am knitting the body it’s going pretty quickly.  I ADORE how it looks.  I’m so excited to see the pattern progress!  Here’s a close up of my progress:

cowl bobble action shot

 You can tell that I didn’t use the sage as I had originally specified for this project, but I found three skeins of this color laying around my house and couldn’t justify not using them.  It is the Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton in Pebble.  I think I originally bought it to make a striped scarf with Nut.  I think this because I found two skeins of Nut that I don’t even remember buying!  Crazy yarn shops!  I bought them at this great little yarn shop in Montclair, NJ that I miss every now and again.  The woman wasn’t overly friendly or overly enthusiastic and she always would try to sell you kits, but it was a friendly store with a good yarn selection and you would sometimes find really funky things.

I am taking a trip to A Good Yarn in Brookline tomorrow!  I’m super excited!  Everytime I go- it’s closed.  My fault – not theirs.  I always go on Mondays or on Sunday morning before they open, so I planned a special trip for tomorrow to check them out for real.  Ben was really funny- he is hoping that I have a good yarn store trip.   It’s probably because I threatened to move back to NJ if he didn’t talk with me about yarn.  He’s hoping I’ll find an outlet.  I’m working on starting a stitch and bitch at work.  I taught my boss how to knit and have gotten an idea of who knits.   Maybe I’ll try to figure out a day we can knit and lunch.    Soo excited.  I’ve been knitting on my lunch break and on my commute, so hopefully this cowl will fly by.  Actually there’s a great article in Knitty this month about knitting on your commute.  She did it on the NYC Subway which seems way more hard core than on the Boston T system.  Here it is.  Knitty on the subway is a lot like knitting at the office.  Conversations strike up like you would not believe!

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