Cat Toy!

So- I started making those knucks, which just didn’t turn out, so I frogged them, but the fingers were already together so I gave them to my adorable cat.

Queen Elizabeth is adorable!

(In case you forgot what she looked like)

AND she loved them!  I thought she would humor me and bat them around for a second or something, but she carried them all over the apartment and played with them all the time!  SO- I decided it was time to turn them into actual cat toys before she tore them apart and at the yarn.  I had to look all over the apartment, but I found 2 fingers.  (I still can’t find the other two) 



I bought catnip on my way home from work.  The woman at the store told me I can make tea for myself with it to settle my stomach.  I don’t think I’ll be trying this any time soon.  It would probably result in Q Face in my tea cup!



I really dig the picture of the cat on the catnip! So, I stuffed the catnip into the finger that was more damaged, put the stuffed finger into the almost whole finger and sewed it all up!


It was pretty simple, and turned out pretty cute!  I think Q likes it, but the verdict is still out.  I think she’s mad because I was messing with her toys.  Ah well.  I sewed a C on it – for Cat!  A Q seemed a little too hard.


One thought on “Cat Toy!

  1. Wow – that is one cute cat. And that nose! Out of this world!

    Very cute toy – odd she liked it better without the drugs. You should make yourself a tea! It would be like when Abbott was trying to crawl into Ben’s mouth to eat the tuna.

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