A Good Yarn

SO last Thursday I went to the super cool yarn shop in Brookline Village, A Good Yarn.  It was super nice, they let me browse to my heart’s content, and I bought a little present for Jessie!  (And a little present for myself). 

 Jessie’s present

The two in front are roving.  I can’t remember the color they were called, but they’re sooo pretty!  The on to the left is Noro Kureyon (I can’t remember what color it is), and the one in the back is Malabrigo.  Soooo pretty! 

The shop overall was a bit overwhelming, which I of course Loved!  They don’t carry that many different colors of the Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton which is a fault, I grant you, but the women were super nice. 

THEN- on the T ride home I was knitting, and this woman was standing across from me, and she started telling me all about the yarn shop I was just in and how much she likes it and how she had never knit before, but she took the beginning knitting class there and feel in love.  It was a really nice story, and I was sad when I had to get off. 

I got myself a skein of noro which I’m thinking about turning into Foliage.  We’ll see if I ever finish the Foliage I am working on now. 


OOOH! And in other news- Jessie and I are a square together in Rhinebeck Bloggers Bingo!!!  SO EXCITING! 

I’m a square!

AND I’m working on my Rhinebeck scarf.  I’ll post more about it after lunch!

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