Rhinebeck Scarf

SO- I have been knitting this scarf since Rhinebeck LAST YEAR!  I bought the yarn there and pretty much began knitting the scarf as soon as I got it home.  Then I started making Christmas gifts, and then we moved, and then it got warm.  BUT  now I have a date that it MUST be finished by- October 20, 2007!!  And I can’t work on it in the car because I am driving up alone.  I worked on it today on the train.  Actually I had to pack a bigger purse because it was too big for my cute small purse.   A real dilemma- I have to say.  HERE IT IS!!

This is it all laid out:

Rhinebeck scarf laid out

Here is a close up of the yarn- such a gorgeous color!!  Hand dyed, hand spun wool.  Super comfy and cuddly.  It turns me a little orange, and my knitting needles are definitely feeling the orange- I hope my neck doesn’t turn orange!

Rhinebeck scarf close up

and here I am modeling it! It’s almost done!!

scarf on me

I can’t believe it’s actually so close to being wearable after not working on it for soooo long! That weird look on my face is- “Is someone going to come in here and catch me taking pictures of myself?” And that’s our break room at work behind me. Very nice.  I am soooo excited to wear it!!  People at work think I’m nuts because I bring in all of these different projects.  I’ve decided that my Foliage hat is no longer suitable for T knitting, so I have my mother’s cowl (which is still in my suitcase for Georgia) that will be small enough at least for another skein and my Rhinebeck scarf.  I am going to have to start another small project this week.  OOOH- lap blanket for grandma!


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