I’m all inky

So yesterday was Ben’s day at class, and I had a whole night to myself– it’s amazing how much I get done in one night because I feel like I get nothing done the rest of the week.  This week I got out my ink and pastels and created three lovely ladies that I sort of hate right now, but what else is new?

 So here’s a shot of all three:

three paintings 9.26.07

I was regretting using so much ink on some of them, and the one in the middle is definitely my favorite.  I just can’t decide whether to go back into them with acrylic paint or not. 

Here’s Clara. She’s the one I’m most happy with:

brunette tree painting

 She feels the most done.  Here’s Norma, who I feel is a little awkward.  She also has some ink problems on her face, but the rest of the piece I really like.

Norma Orange Flowers

And here’s Katherine. I really like her, but I think she has hand/ arm issues that I will have to address.

blond flower painting

Not bad for a night’s work- Ink and pastel was really interesting to use together.  Usually I just use charcoal and ink together, but I felt like I needed some color in my life.  I like these girls, but I felt really rust when I started out (sorry Norma!).


One thought on “I’m all inky

  1. Katherine is my favorite, hands down. This is some of the best canvas work I’ve seen you do in a while. I love this combo of mediums. It really suits your style.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. Treat the ones that don’t quite make the cut as practice. Choose the one you like the least and play around with some acrylic on it. Don’t expect that to fix it and make it “salable,” just see what happens.

    To get one great one out of three at this point in your experimentation is pretty good, in my book. Go Lindsey!

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