My cowl is making progress.  Hopefully I will get plenty of knitting done this weekend on the way to and from New Jersey! 

Cowl 7.5

 I am definitely torn between not getting enough knitting time and letting my mother see her Christmas present.  I am officially the worst liar ever, so I don’t think I would do well telling her it was for someone else or something else.  We’ll see. 

In other news, I finished my Rhinebeck scarf, but alas the ends have not been weaved in, so I do not have a picture to post!  I will soon!  It’s sooooo pretty and sooooo long!  I still have to get some of the excess dye out because it turns me orange!  Now I need to start a new Christmas project.  I think Roanne’s is next.  I have to go buy yarn for it!  YAY! 

I am torn between starting all these projects or waiting until after Rhinebeck to knit them with yarn I bought there— hmm.  I think I will get the sea cell yarn for Roanne and begin her present, and see if I hold off on anyone else’s.  OK- Decided!


2 thoughts on “Cowl!

  1. Wow, that looks great. I think you should keep your roll and go on to Roanne’s present, you’ll still have plenty of time and people to knit for with Rhinebeck yarn!

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