Half of Cowl- done!

cowl 12

So- this is my gorgeous cowl.  Sorry the picture is a little blurry, but I was way too excited that I had hit 12″ to wait until the car had stopped to take a picture!!!  It’s halfway there!  I brought it down to New Jersey with me this weekend and knit most of the way down.  I can’t believe how soft and dense it is!  I knit it in front of my mom this weekend, but she doesn’t know it’s for her and she won’t see it past this point, so I think it’s ok.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I think my mom will too! 

It was my grandma’s 88th birthday this weekend, and I pulled out my knitting- everyone was very impressed!  My family was very fun!  On the ride home here’s a picture of me modeling the cowl:


modelling cowl 12


It’s a pretty funny picture I think- I just can’t fit the needles over my head, so I put a some of the stitches on a crochet needles so I could get it that far.  Darn nose!!  It just wouldn’t go any further!  I walked all the way to Windsor Button on my lunch break today to buy a fourth skein of pebble to actually finish the cowl, but didn’t actually buy the last skein because when I asked for something out of the back room, the owner walked me over to the counter to pay after she got it for me.  I did get gorgeous Rowan kidsilk haze in Villian to make Wisp from Knitty Summer 2007.  Ready to start another Christmas present!  The cowl is getting to big and heavy for knitting on the T!


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