I LOVE October

Oct Knitting

I LOVE October. Today at work I needed a de- stressing lunch break, so I headed out to Post Office Square and hung out knitting in my jacket because it was COLD and I NEEDED a jacket!  Love it!



 I LOVE how the cowl looks, but I think I am definitely going to start Wisp tonight.  My knitting life right now is all cowl all the time, so I really need a little break.  I didn’t have time to start another project before I got on the T today, and the cowl is real heavy!  I have been almost done with this ball of yarn I’m knitting from for like 3 days and I just want to finish it!  Yesterday was Monday night Football, so it should have been a knitting extravaganza, but alas I fell asleep.  I did get some knitting done, but not as much as I had anticipated.  I am feeling very impatient.  Oh- and because it’s October and I was able to wear them today here is a gratuitous boot shot:


Boots outside

 They are a little worn around the toes from last winter, and I’m not sure what to do about that.  Maybe I’ll try polishing them.  I love October!!


One thought on “I LOVE October

  1. Love the boots! I wish it were cold enough to wear a jacket here– the temps are still hovering around 80. That hasn’t stopped me from wearing tweed skirts and sweater vests and boots, though.

    Polishing has worked really well for me, though I kinda like the look of scuffed toes.

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