Lace n’ me- not meant to be?

So- I have started my lace scarf.  (it’s gotten so far away from wisp I can’t even refer to it as that anymore.  After ripping it out twice- BTW this yarn is not fun to rip out- I wrote my own chart based on the lace pattern in Foliage from the current knitty. 

This is a picture of the piece before I ripped the second time.

haze scarf

And here is the current project with my chart easily accessible. 

lace scarf pic

 But I just don’t know how for this scarf is going to get.  AND it seems to be taking me much longer than other presents, so it might be just not meant to be.  The yarn is gorgeous, but it is difficult to work with, and I just don’t see the lace!  Where is it?!  Oh god-  Well, the reason I have been trying all these lace projects is because of all of the gorgeous lace projects I have seen lately!  So- let’s give a shout out to some people who can actually knit lace.

 Hemlock Blanket

This amazingly gorgeous blanket is the work of brooklyntweed, and it was enough to make me try to knit lace!  He modified a vintage doily pattern.  I’m in LOVE with this.  LOVE!

 Muir close up

Then there is Muir from the current Knitty.  LOVE!  It’s so gorgeous- wouldn’t this make you want to knit lace?  It made me want to!


And then of course there’s foliage.  Which is a gorgeous hat!  I actually started this and got through the crown before I got frustrated with it.  After Christmas I will actually finish it.  OR knit it with a not so picky yarn!! 


Flower Basket Shawl

Jessie’s flower basket shawl.  SO GORGEOUS.  This shawl totally started my entire lace issue.  I just WANT to be able to DO IT!  sigh


So you see- I LOVE lace- need to knit it  Maybe someday.  This is not my first time being disappointed.  I tried to make a yoga bag a few years back and failed miserably.  I have a few knitting fears-

I fear socks, lace, making a sweater and having it be the wrong size, and knitting on needles smaller than 3’s.  I have come to understand as I try to get over these fears that they are not unfounded.  OH and I hate swatching.  It’s not a fear- it’s a loathing.




3 thoughts on “Lace n’ me- not meant to be?

  1. Boo for my lack of a three day weekend! Yay for my flower basket shawl – but the only reason I could knit that was because I had a week and a half off in between jobs. I couldn’t talk to anyone, watch anything on TV I hadn’t seen before, AND I still had to frog a lot of it (life lines are your friend!).

    I, too, love the Brooklyn Tweed Doily Blanket. Lace and Cascade Eco Wool = Love.

    KSH is notoriously hard to rip out. Good luck!

  2. I don’t have a three day weekend either, but since I’m a government contractor I won’t be very busy and will probably be reading knitting blogs all day.

    The doily blanket is soooo gorgeous. Thanks for telling me about it– it’s on my to-knit list and I’ve already joined a couple knitalongs for it.

    This week I’m going to make either Foliage or Urchin, depending on which project I can round up the yarn and needles for.

    Oh, and I NEVER swatch.

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