Blech for rainy Fridays!

It’s rainy in Boston, and that does not make me want to do anything!  I don’t have any fun picture updates today, but I have a story!

So on Wednesday I went to see Hillary Clinton speak at Boston’s Symphony Hall, and on the way home I was knitting on the T.  The girl sitting across from me looks at my knitting and exclaims “That’s really fine yarn!”.  I thought it was really funny that this is how the conversation started because usually people are like- hey, what are you making?  Or That’s really nice.  She was a crocheter, and I let her feel the yarn before I had to hop off at my stop.  I like meeting fiber friends on the T! 

I had an uneventful trip to the Windsor Button this afternoon other than running into MEGHAN!  That was exciting, but they didn’t have pebble, and I need just one more skein to finish my cowl!  My cowl might be shorter than 24″.  Neither Windsor Button or A Good Yarn carries the color.  Boo me.  The owner swore up and down that they never carried it at Windsor Button, but if I wanted five skeins she would order it for me.  Five skeins?!   Boo hiss.  They do have the dyed blue sky alpaca cotton.  The colors are so pretty!  I also looked at sock yarn, but I’m not ready to commit.  If I am making it for someone for Christmas then I think I need time to get prepared and I need to decide on a pattern before i buy.  Definitely. 

So because I’m getting so excited about Rhinebeck here’s some pictures from last year!



angora rabbi4


sheep costume


That last picture is Jessie putting on her sweater.

I’ll have more to report about my projects after my drive to Wellfleet tomorrow for the Oysterfest!  I have to say that the cowl won’t be bad a little shorter than 24″.  I hope my mother’s head isn’t that much larger than mine!


One thought on “Blech for rainy Fridays!

  1. If you look close, you can almost see where I opened the car door into my face! That was such a fun weekend aside from the fact that I had the cold from hell and a headwound.

    I have a pattern suggestion for you for socks! Thuja from Knitty. They’re gender neutral, and knit with a DK weight yarn, so they’ll knit up faster than if you used sock yarn.

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