Big news- today I got my Ravelry invite!!! Sooo exciting! I have been spending time there instead of doing Christmas knitting. I’m Lindseyrose over there, too – Please be my friend!

Also- I got my and Jessie’s blogger bingo buttons in the mail! YAY! Here’s an action shot:
I'm a square

Before those things happened Ben and I had a great day apple picking in New Hampshire and going to a Harvest Festival in York, Maine. It was so much fun! I also talked to some fellow knitters in Maine. Most of them were York locals. There were tons of gorgeous sweaters there! I made this fun orange hat a few years back, and it always resurfaces in October. Actually, it always seems to come apple picking with me.

Linds Apple Picking

It’s sooo orange and sooo comfortable. It was the second hat I ever made, and it’s all irish moss stitch with a 2 x 2 rib on the rim. It is peruvian wool in pumpkin I think.



4 thoughts on “RAVELRY!!

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