Tomorrow I’m going to Rhinebeck!

So- Sorry sorry sorry!  I totally should have had this posted before, but here’s me!  I am planning on wearing this scarf and sweater (bought- not made) tomorrow, but it’s supposed to be so warm.  I’m not sure what exactly I am going to wear, but I will be carrying a big pink bag that says LINDSEY.  And of course, I will have my “I’m a square” button displayed prominently!

Rhinebeck Scarf me

I'm a square

In other news- I have finished one endpaper mitt! Thank god for baseball games- AND I LOVE IT!! I’ve been flashing it around the office. I’m hoping to get the second one done tonight and then block them both. Ben has gone to NYC tonight, so I will have little distraction. Maybe some West Wing and some knitting and some cheese. Sounds like a good night!

endpaper right

endpaper right 2



Shopping List:


Thick Thin Yarn for Urchin.


Sock Yarn (I have never purchased it before)

Yarn for a sweater for Ben. 

Yarn for more neckwarmers

And more roving!! 

Needles for my needle felter

and other splurge purchases as I see fit.


I will not buy:


Crochet/ Knitting needles

Meat/ Cheese


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow I’m going to Rhinebeck!

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