Lace Update

Because I have officially finished my endpaper mitts, I am back to knitting lace!  My scarf is now 24″ long and it might be done soon.  I have to decide whether I want it to wrap around like Wisp or whether it should just be a scarf, and maybe I will include a little pin with the present.  What do you guys think? 

 Here are pictures!!

foliage scarf 24 close upscarf lace pattern

foliage scarf 24

It is so gorgeous!  I have had a request for the pattern.  My lace pattern was based off of Emilie’s Foliage hat pattern that is in the current knitty.  I wrote it out because this is my first real lace project.

The yarn is kidsilk haze.  Color #584 (Villian)

I used  I cast on 46 stitches.  Row 1: Purl until end of row, Row 2: K to end of row Row 3: Purl till end of row.  Follow this Lace Chart.  For all odd rows from 4 K 3, P to last three stitches and K 3.  I haven’t decided exactly how long I’m going to make this scarf, so this is where I am.  Just e-mail or comment with questions!  Thanks!


Coming Soon: my actual Rhinebeck Post and a post about my finished Mitts!

Also hopefully coming soon: colder weather


One thought on “Lace Update

  1. I would leave it as a scarf– I think caplets like Wisp look pretty on models but are annoying to wear in real life. If the person does want it to be a caplet they could pin it or thread a ribbon through to hold the ends together. Better to give them options, I say.

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