Rhinebeck Recap- day one!

Here Jessie is all ready to go:

Jessie Starts

The money is out! Ok- it’s my money, but what a cute wallet! We are ready to buy yarn!

And we saw sheep- extremely cute sheep that would make very nice sweaters:

Sheep 2


And then we took pictures of ourselves:

We are having so much fun!!
J + L

And have you seen Jessie’s amazing sweater?! It’s so gorgeous-
J sweater smile

I saw this really cute bag:
Super Cute Bag

We saw an angora bunny demonstration:
Bunny Sunshine

And in case you were wondering what else you could get in Rhinebeck:
Free Air

I had so much fun! I can’t believe these were the only pictures I took! I mean- I guess I was too busy buying yarn and roving!! Sooo- here’s my Saturday loot again:

Saturday Booty

So- clockwise starting from the top left:

Peruvian Alpaca Sport Weight Yarn Andean Trail
612 yards for socks!
from ‘A Touch of Twist”

100 Yards of Evening Sky, a thick and thin hand dyed 100% wool hand dyed yarn. Perfect for Urchin!

Lopi Yarn for Ben’s Sweater! Happy Birthday Ben. Actually it was Ben’s Birthday on Saturday, so I bought him his birthday present!!

Yellow wool for a sweater for me! Not to be started until after Christmas and after Ben’s sweater.

My first Spinning project. Merino purple

Cotton & Eco Spun
Organic Cotton and recycled Soda Bottles
Pink and White

My first Spinning project. Merino purple

Funky yellow merino roving

Alpaca Lite, a fine finger weight yarn
200 yards in Camel
from “A Touch of Twist”

Alpaca Lite, a fine finger weight yarn
200 yards in Camel
from “A Touch of Twist”

Alpaca Lite, a fine finger weight yarn. 200 yards in Blue Violet
From “A Touch of Twist”

I also bought felting needles and a drop spindle- not pictured. Jessie taught me how to spin on Saturday- it was really cool! I can’t wait to do it some more!

It was so much fun and the leaves were so pretty all the way up from Boston! I had such a great time meeting all the bloggers and playing blogger bingo!!! We got bingo, but sadly we didn’t find all of the people on our card. I will do Sunday tomorrow. Now it’s time for the game!! GO SOX!


One thought on “Rhinebeck Recap- day one!

  1. I’m so cute! I really like the top picture where I am stealing your wallet. Look at all of that yarn you bought!

    I didn’t know they had free air!

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the yellow yarn – and your spinning!

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