Happy November!

I know I have been very quiet the past few days.  You see – I had gotten a very bad cold, and I am still recovering.  I have not been knitting, sadly.  I have been sleeping a lot lately.  Fortunately I do have some updates for you.

I finished the cowl for my mom! 

Cowl done

I really like it, but I did panic that I would not have enough yarn and finished a little too early. I have a better picture of the cowl up in action- I’ll have to post that later.

My friend Becca came to visit me this weekend, and I sent her home with a new hat!
Becca purple hat
I made this hat for a Christmas present like two years ago, but it was never gifted. Maybe I’ll make another like it. It was super fun to make and it’s cute!

I’ve made very little progress on my sock.
sock 4
I’ve got about 4 inches, and I need 7 inches before I start the heel. I haven’t been into knitting them. This doesn’t bode well for my Christmas gifts!


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