Christmas is closing in!

Cowl finished up

As promised, this is my finished cowl in action.  It’s very nice looking, I think.  My mom will like it a lot.  I like it a lot more now that it’s been a week since I’ve finished it.

 My socks are going great!  I am almost done one, and I hope to start the second one soon!  The Alpaca is such a joy to work with.  Sorry abotu the blurry picture- it was in the car.

First Thuja 8

I didn’t k1 s1 on the heel like I was supposed to because I wasn’t paying that much attention to the pattern, but they are turning out well.  I’m not sure if they are going to be for Bob or for Dad.  I might make my dad slippers instead. 

I still have to knit for Liz, Ben, Ben’s dad, finish for Ben’s mom, My dad, Becca, and Jessie.

The present for Jessie I can’t blog about, but I am planning on starting Urchin for Liz today!  I need a few more projects on the needles.  I am feeling the pressure!  5 projects from start to finish in 50 days.  GASP!  50 days!  I better not stop knitting!  I have ceased all other craftiness/ art.  Wish me luck!


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