Alpaca me- Alpaca you!

Llama Face
I think everyone needs an alpaca in their life on Friday!

I am feeling very overwhelmed by life right now, but my knitting is right on track!  I sort of decided that my dad needed an afghan for Christmas.  My mom said to me when I told her, “He’d like that, but would it be easier to crochet?” 

 uuh… no

I am not a fast crocheter!  My dad really would love an afghan, so I’m going to suck it up, perhaps invest in some thick n’ quick, and start knitting.  It can be my at home project.  A good couch project.  I’m going to keep it simple, eventhough what I really want to knit some crazy lacey afghan.  Maybe for my second afghan, not my first.

 I am quite proud of myself for all of the firsts that I am knitting this year:  my first mittens, first for hand knitting at all, first socks, first intarsia project, first full sized sweater, first afghan…  I feel like- what was I knitting all these years?  Hats and Scarves and an occasional baby sweater?  Well- I guess that’s accurate.  And some cozies…

 Well happy Friday!  I am off to NJ again this weekend- maybe I’ll finish my second sock!!


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