This is an afghan suggestion I received- Thanks Caroline!

Image of Cable Comfort Throw

It’s cable comfort throw, a free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.  It takes 9 balls of Thick n’ Quick, but it has 5 different panels, so I could do 5 different colors.  Hmmm…

Fig, Butterscotch,  Lemongrass, Spice, Green Heather?

I think my mom would really hate that color combination!  Maybe just Fig and Butterscotch: 

 That would be nice!  I was also thinking of a basic striped afghan –

Image of Lover's Knot Afghan

This is Lover’s Knot Afghan.  I was thinking about knitting my cousin an afghan for her wedding (That happened in October) after Christmas.  This would be a really nice choice!

I was thinking of making a stripey afghan.  I can’t seem to upload the mock up from paint, so I’ll have to do another mock up later.  I’ll have to start this afghan soon- probably in the next week or so.  Maybe I’ll buy yarn while I’m in NJ.

Have a great weekend!


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