One more gift down!

Urchin Front

I finished Urchin! YAY! This is a picture of the back:
Urchin Back

And here it is stretched over my head more:
Urchin Stretched

So- I have Ben, Jessie, Ben’s dad, Bob, and my dad left. The socks that I’m making are coming along well!! I finished one. Unfortunately it fits me perfectly, and I don’t think it would fit Bob very well, so I’ll have to find someone else to give them to. Actually, they feel so so so snuggly I might keep them! Then I’ll always have the first socks I ever knit. That’s nice.

I get The Green Girl Guide and I won the weekly give away!! Here’s what I got:

A super cute Simple bag
Simple Bag

And an assortment of fun things!!
Free Stuff from Green Girl

SO FUN!! I have decided to make Ben’s dad slippers- Red slippers LIKE RED SOX!! 5 more Christmas Gifts to go!


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