My Mojo


So- my second sock is totally killing my knitting mojo.  And seeing that part of a sock is a really boring blog post- here’s a cute picture I took a few weeks ago.  I love it.  It seems so autumesque. 

 I have to keep working on Christmas/ holiday knitting!!  Hanukah is December 5!!  DECEMBER 5!!  That’s 20 whole days before Christmas!  I better get working on at least four of my presents!  Well- 2 really.  I have one done, and I don’t know what Ben is going to end up getting for the holidays.  We’ll see how nice he’s being.

 I don’t want to have second sock syndrome.  I think it’s- these are my first socks and I made the first one too small for its intended recipient, so I am just knitting them to knit them and they are taking away from my Christmas knitting time syndrome.  Are a lot of people afflicted with that?


Tonight- I start slippers!


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