Getting back into the swing

So yeah- I totally fell of the earth for a few days. I have made much progress on my slippers! This is a picture of the first one, but I’ve actually finished the first one and am about here on the second!

red sox 6

Last night Ben took me to this program called “My Dearest Friend” which was a reading of some of John and Abigail Adams’s letters to each other throughout their lives.  It was held at Faneuil Hall and was quite romantic.  Also, it was extremely interesting because the readers were Michael and Kitty Dukakis, Duval and Diane Patrick, and Ted and Victoria Kennedy.  It was so cool to be that close to Ted Kennedy!  He skidaddled afterwards, but Ben and I talked to Diane and Duval Patrick and stopped by to say hello to Michael Dukakis.  We had met him recently at a Brookline democrats meeting, and he’s a really cool guy.  We were also interviewed by a reporter from the Yale Crimson!

The event


And of course, while waiting for the program to start, I knit!  Ben groaned and moaned, but he took pictures so I could show you!

hands 1
hands 2

Very fun!



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