Paris Gloves- a saga

So- all weekend I was knitting away! I designed these gloves for Becca based on a picture I took at Sacre Cour in Paris. I love the pattern. I downloaded the template from Hello Yarn. It was super fun to create the pattern and then knit it!

Here’s the beginning picture. Sorry it’s a little blurry.

And here is the beginning of the glove. You can see the template and the colored in picture.
paris mitten 5

This is a shot of the back. At this point it looked a little small to me- I kept saying that it might not fit anyone. It looked a little small, but I kept at it!
paris mitten back 5

And here is a little larger. It’s really coming!
paris mitten 8

Soooo- here it is at what would have been the finished size. That’s my hand next to the very small glove. You can see that it might have fit a child, but alas- not a person.
paris mitten 9

Sooo- here it is- being frogged
paris mitten frogged

sad day–

I still have a whole bunch of things left to knit for Christmas. AND my mom’s birthday is the 19th– soo I have to gire out what to do for that!


3 thoughts on “Paris Gloves- a saga

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