More Christmasing done!

I finished the Red Sox (slippers) for Ben’s dad!!  I think I am going to give them to him not felted and make him felt them so they fit on his feet perfectly.  We’ll see if he uses them!  I might felt them over my mother’s feet (apparently they’re pretty close in size), but I would have to remember to bring them to NJ on December 8. 


Christmas Slippers 2

I used the pattern fuzzy feet from Knitty Winter, 2002.  Obviously they’re very large, being unfelted an all.

Christmas Slippers

 In other news, I have begun the afghan for my father!  YAY!  I have exactly one cable done, and I have already decided how I am going to change the pattern- of course.  I am going to not do my cable leaning all one direction, but alternate.  And in the middle of the larger cables I am going to do two smaller cables to a section.  I think it will be nice.  Here is what I have so far.

afghan 1 cable


I dig it so far, and it’s been fun to knit.  I really like working with the thick n quick- it’s like immediate gratification.

So I am still deciding what to make/ get my mother for her birthday.  Also, what should I make for my cat?  I have a very fun Christmas related project planned that I should have up in my shop by December 1!  Super excited!  I don’t really have a hint to give, but I should have pictures on Thursday!


One thought on “More Christmasing done!

  1. Oh, I’m really excited that you’re making the afghan– I’m planning to start one after Christmas. The instant gratificationess (and the inexpensiveness) was what drew me to that pattern. If there exists an afghan that I have the patience to finish, I think this would be it.

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