me in striped hat 2

SO as I was waiting for the T this morning, I had to take a picture of my hat. This is the hat that Jessie made for me last year. SO cute, right? and so warm!  It was time to start wearing this “winter hat” as opposed to my autumn hat.  But I really took this picture because I’ve been thinking so much about stripes lately-  They’re everywhere!  I haven’t been to a Gap lately, but I’ve been told that they’re like a stripey party!!  Now, of course I am tempted to rip out all of the presents I have made and knit them again with stripes.  Of course- not really, but I am thinking instead of reworking Paris Gloves to knit them with stripes and then perhaps work a little interest into the actual hand part.  In fact, that is what I’m going to do!  Decided.  I really dig the stripe fad, and I really dig how in chunky knit items are in!  I feel like I can’t knit fast enough to kepe up, though.  Maybe after Christmas is over.  My “January List” is getting very long.

One thought on “Stripes!

  1. That is the best hat ever! I’m still so sad I lost my matching one… it was so warm and green and stripey.

    I know I saw you two weeks ago, but your hair is so long!

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