A tale and some news

On my T ride home last night I saw someone knitting!  It was so exciting because I never see anyone knitting- Green Line C train.  She was knitting a Boucle scarf in Stockinette (I think)  I wasn’t that stalkery- well I was I took this picture of her, but then I talked to her about her scarf and then we chatted it up about yarn stores.  I was the tool carrying the HUGE Windsor Button bag (I’m pretty sure it’s the largest size they have) and reading Interweave Knits, but not actually knitting. 

C Line knitter

 THEN the knitter got off and this other girl sat next to me.  She had heard us talking about knitting, but hadn’t chimed in BUT she was wearing things that looked very handmade.  Of course one can never tell these days with all the crazy knitted items out there!  So, I asked her if she had knit her scarf.  It was fun fur with chunks of purple and blue in it that they sell at AC Moore doubled with a basic black wool.  I had just seen the yarn and had picked it out for Liz on a project finding mission, but I paired it with a sueded black.  So pretty.  ANYWAY- she replies: My mom knit it for me.  I felt old.

Click here to view larger image

And the news:  We’re MOVING!  Well not yet, but we are definitely moving!!  We put in our notice and when I got home from work yesterday I found that we had been branded.

one cat

I thought they did some kind of random check to see what kind of pet we had so they could assess the damage that we have done to the apartment.  This is not the case.  It’s so they don’t let her out when they show the apartment!  Leaving places is so hard-  I always feel guilty giving notice and leaving apartments/ jobs.  That may just be me being crazy.  OK- and a cute picture of the “one cat” that Jessie took last year.

Q face!!



One thought on “A tale and some news

  1. I have some of the greatest conversations with strangers while knitting in public. (apparently that’s true for blogging about knitting too!) 🙂

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