Snow!! It’s really winter!!!

Guess what we got in Boston last night?!

snow benches

SNOW!!  In the city it’s all slushy and gross– but in Brookline it was really nice.  I’m sad I didn’t take the picture before I left for work- this is obviously a Boston Picture.

My weekend was fab!  We went Christmas Tree shopping on Saturday!  SOOOO Much fun!  I think our cat is finally used to a tree in the house.  She was very confused when we first brought it in.   It’s Ben’s first tree!  How cute!  We bought some Jewish Christmas ornaments.  Stained glass menorah anyone?  I’ll definitely have more pictures of the tree tomorrow!!

Soo- a couple of months ago I taught my boss how to knit (with thick n quick of course!) and she finished her first scarf!! 


Bonnie's scarf

Isn’t it great!  I’m so proud!  AND she taught her daughter how to knit, too!  Pretty soon I should have a bright pink first scarf to show you!

I spent most of my weekend out and about doing Christmasy things on Saturday and looking at apartments in Salem on Sunday, so no new knitting projects to report.  Christmas is only 22 days away!!

Let’s recap what I have to finish:

_____________ for Jessie

gloves for Becca

afghan for Dad (about halfway done with 1st part of 5)

___________ for Roanne (almost there!)

Hat for Ben (easy peasy)

________________ for ___________ and ___________

Ok- so that’s a lot for 22 days.  Maybe we’ll give me until the 31st for a few of these presents.   AND my mom’s birthday is the 19th, so I have to decide what to give/ make her.  Her calendar has not arrived yet.

I better get knitting!


One thought on “Snow!! It’s really winter!!!

  1. Snow! It snowed down here in NJ too. But it was all gone by this morning! I enjoyed watching it out the window and being warm under blankets near it.

    How are you secret ornaments coming along??

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