Christmas- 21 days

Are you having trouble finding that perfect gift for your cat?  They are hard creatures to buy for- finicky, tempermental, and snobby at best.  Of course, I have an easy idea that will easily fit in your cat’s stocking with ease!  All you need is a knitting needle, a 3-4 foot piece of yarn, and a catnip filled mouse.  You probably could use a catnip filled anything.  So, just tie the yarn to the needle and then the other end to the mouse and voila you have the perfect cat present!

cat toy

and a happy kitty!

Kitty Toy Play

 AH- so the glove saga continues.  I wrote up a little pattern for myself after ripping out my hours/ days of colorwork.  Here’s what it looked like:


striped mitten pattern

so that’s what I did- I cast on 64 stitches, knit 1×1 rib for 5 rows in purple, switched to stockinette and began to do a 5 row stripe.  This was on #4 US needles.  You might be thinking- that seems like a lot of stitches to cast one.   You’d be right!  Because of my last mistake a terribly overcompensated.  It would have been a big baggy lump around the forearm.  Sigh.  You can’t really tell in this picture, but this is the offending bagginess.  Much too big for Becca’s arm! 

striped mitten too big

Luckily, because of Monday night football, I had plenty of time to knit last night.  After ripping this completely out (again) I started anew.  Same idea, but I cast on 48 stitches and am working in 7 row stripes.  I like them a little more, actually.  They are knitting up pretty quickly.  I have one more inch before I am going to start increasing.  Very exciting!

striped mitten 3

They seem very remiscent of the Harry Potter Quiddich gloves from Charmed Knits.  Funny- because I probably could have knit them from the pattern in there and been done with it.  But alas- I designed!  I think it’s really going to work out.  No more frogs in this gloves future- only princes!


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