Winter Knitty is up!

Ok- so at first glance I was not excited by the patterns in this issue.  I mean- definitely not as much as I was about the Fall issue. 

BUT looking at every pattern a couple times, I have found a few that I am getting quite excited about knitting.

I like Ice Queen.  I love the cover shot, and I like the idea of the mohair/ lace with beads.  Actually I already have a skein of Rowan Kidsilk Haze kicking around and some beads that would look great with the color.  I wish it was the periwinkle color that they show it in.  Mine will be in dark brown unless I wait until next year because alas- I am not buying yarn at the moment.



I really like Dahlia.  I’m not crazy about this fad that’s all about the empire waist only because I don’t find empire waistes that look good on me often.  Most of the time I look pregnant.  It is sad because I love an empire waiste, and I love the victorian feeling of the look.  I’m hoping Dahlia will be different- a fitted empire.  I might knit it in order to find out.   I think it would look nice in yellow.


I LOVE the idea of Justify, but I don’t think I would actually wear it.  Maybe if I made it bigger.   


I want to like Abotanicity (even if I can’t pronounce the name), but I’m pretty sure it would look awful on me.  Sad but true–


I love Jeanie.  It seems like a big undertaking.  I don’t have sock yarn kicking around, but I might have to get some to make this shawl.  It might make a good summer knitting project.


 AND Fair Isle Rapids– LOVE IT!  But I don’t think the men in my life would.  I could make it for myself. 


And isn’t he adorable?  All photos from


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