Afghan Progressing!!

Will it be done by Christmas?  I’m really getting nervous.

cable afghan 20%

Here it is 1/5 of the afghan.  Done.  Unfortunately I have to go to NJ this weekend and can’t work on it.  Mitten time it is.  I’m getting down to crunch time!  Maybe I should be bringing Roanne’s lace scarf.  Ugh- Christmas is kicking my ass and it’s only December 7th.  Gee Golly.  And I want to make a scarf for Ben, but I don’t know when A. I’m going find the time and B. I’m going to be able to do it when he’s not around.  He finished his Wednesday night classes which cuts severely into my knitting time.  Maybe he’ll take up a hobby.  Like- spelunking.  I wonder if we have caves in Boston.  Or – crochet.  Then he could help me!  Or- stamp collecting.  It would keep him quiet.  Well, we’ll see.  I can finish everything in 18 days!  Maybe I’ll bring multiple projects with me.


One thought on “Afghan Progressing!!

  1. Oh no! I vote for spelunking. If he got into crochet, he might try to steal your yarn if he gets to into it. Stamp collecting would take up too much space, and you need that for storage. Also, spelunking would get him out of the house.

    Now, to find a cave…

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