Sheepy Monday

Sheep 2

I didn’t get to do much knitting this weekend, so this is a sheep picture I had lying around.  We’re having people over for Hanukkah and I am making my first latkas, challah, and perhaps jelly donuts if I can find my pastry bag and tips.

Mmmm fried things.

 I started my next stripe for my afghan, and am thinking about knitting 3 blue stripes with cables and 2 tan stripes in between in garter stitch.  That way, I could work faster, and it may lay better.

On Saturday I went on a historic house tour of Rancocas Village in New Jersey, which is like two seconds from the house I grew up in, but we never went on this house tour.  It was a lot of fun, and they gave us roasted chestnuts!  How awesome is that?!  SO AWESOME!  And they were roasted outside- over an open fire!!

 My Christmas is now complete.  Or it will be when I finish my afghan. 

15 days.

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