Christmas Scarfing!


foliage scarf 24

Soooo you will probably recognize this lovely scarf.  It is a Christmas present for my MIL to be, Roanne.  I am going make it short (14 days left) and am thinking about including a shawl pin, so of course- onto Etsy I went.  I am having trouble deciding on a shawl pin though, so I am asking for opinions!

First option:

Shawl Pin Purple Lucite

This is a lovely paper clip style shawl pin with a lucite flower by Ruby Vegas.  I think the purple would look quite nice with the deep brown of the scarf.


Silver Wheel Shawl Pin

This other one, also by Ruby Vegas, is gorgeous and probably the one I would choose if the scarf was for myself.


Beaded Kilt Pin

This beaded kilt pin from Superfay.  I think that something dangley might be really nice.


Wing Hairstick or Shawl Pin

This caught my eye.  It’s more like a hairstick, but I think it would work well to hold the scarf together, and it reminds me of a quill- and Roanne being a writer – it seems apt.  This one is by Chickie Girl Creations.


This Vintage Silver Post from eclecticmoi’s shop is gorgeous, but I’m not sure if it’s right for the scarf, and it may pull.

And here are a few random other things I found while poking around Etsy today (Handmade gift ideas, anyone?):

Good Things Come in Threes Necklace

From Fedora Fox’s shop– how gorgeous is this?


digestive pin

From Bettie and Earl’s shop, this digestive pin is AWESOME!


Pretty Ponies Brooch

This Pretty Ponies Broach by Luxe Deluxe is too sweet.

Well, I think that’s all the shopping I can handle for now.  14 days till Christmas, friends, are you ready?  I’m not- but I am getting there.


One thought on “Christmas Scarfing!

  1. I like the quill a lot, as long as it won’t slip out. Otherwise I’d go with the flower. I would make sure whatever you get is very lightweight.

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