Snow Day

Q on the couch

This is my happy kitty lounging on the couch.  She’ll be doing this a lot tonight because both Ben and I are leaving work early because we’re supposed to get four to six inches of snow, which isn’t as exciting at the 10 inches we were supposed to get, but what can you really do?  It’s coming down really hard right now.

Tomorrow we have an ornament shop at work.  I don’t think I am going to make a pickle to trade, but I think that I will make an embroidered felt ornament.

I’m excited about having extra time to work on the afghan and on my ornament tonight.  Ben and I will try to finish up Sports Night, eat pasta, have hot cocoa (well not Ben, but I will!), and snuggle watching the snow and Christmas tree.  And then if a miracle happens- my office will be close tomorrow.

And this weekend we’re looking at bridesmaids dresses at Aria!!  How exciting is that?!  Hopefully a knitting update soon- and hopefully soon I’ll have some light to take decent pictures! 

Isn’t this cool?  It’s a chocolate light switch!!

Chocolate Light switch


One thought on “Snow Day

  1. I’m so jealous about snow and bridesmaid dress shopping! I wish I could be there so much! Also with the Q. I’m stuck in Chicago – my flight was cancelled, and I can’t get another one until tomorrow night!

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