Boston did get 10 inches of snow yesterday, it took my fiance (Ben) 5 hours to get home (a ride that usually takes 15 minutes), and I spent the evening making an ornament for the ornament swap at work (photos to come).  I also got a new camera- a Nikon L15, so hopefully you enjoy the new quality of my pictures.

 So….. in honor of the ten inches we got. 10 INCHES!!!!  I am just going to post snow pictures.  Enjoy your weekends!!

Beacon Street Snow

Beacon Plaza Snow

1477 Beacon Snow

AND some adorable cat pictures!!

Q in front of Xmas tree

Q Face plays

One thought on “Ornamental

  1. OK – so imagine this – I’m sitting in the food court of a Chicago airport, with a lot of bags and a huge pile of yarn.

    I’m looking at blogs, and I see that picture of Q and my hands went up to my face, and my jaw dropped, and I went “AWWWWWWWWWW!” outloud, because Queen Elizabeth is the most adorable cat ever.

    And then I remember I’m sitting in the middle of the food court of a Chicago airport, and people might start to think I’m crazy.

    So I made that picture my background image and might take pictures of my yarn to blog about it. If people already think I’m nuts!

    Nice camera!

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