One week to go…

Xmas Tree 2007 2

Only one week until Christmas.  I thought that I would post a picture of our tree in all it’s lighted glory.  Of course, my afghan is in the picture (the bag in the bottom right with all the unfinishedness in it- yeah, that’s it. 


photo from

 I am starting a neckwarmer for Ben today.  I am going to base it on Knitty’s Tudora.  I am knitting it on 10 1/2 size needles and casting on the same amount of stitches in the pattern then decreasing so that the neckwarmer will lay around his shoulders a bit.  Then I am starting the cable/ ribbing and I have yet to decide what to do at the top.  I bought “manly” buttons yesterday, and I am using yarn from the stash that’s Grey Paton Wool.  After Christmas I think I will knit him a hat with cables using the same yarn because somehow I have two skeins of it.  I have a week left! 

1/2 of an afghan left to knit, then sew together

2 inches of lace scarf

necklace OR scarf to make

then a bunch of stuff to make before New Years- well not really a bunch.


I can do it!!  I just need to knit instead of sleep…


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