A neck is warmed


This is it- the neckwarmer I made for Ben for Christmas.  It’s smushy and warm and matches his black coat and his unfashionable blue one.  The only thing holding this little neckwarmer back is that Ben hasn’t actually worn it yet.  Ah well–


It came out exactly how I wanted it and exactly the right size.  He’s has a 15 1/2″ neck.  It was done on 10.5 needles with Patons Wool.  It was a stash buster!!  And I bought the lovely buttons for it at Windsor Button.   Of course, I bought a bunch of other stuff while I was there. 

Neckwarmer 4

What amazes me is that I knit the entire thing in front of Ben.  I began it the Thursday before Christmas and sewed the buttons on Christmas Eve.  He was so suprised when he opened it!  This is for me?

Neckwarmer close up

Now I just need a picture of him in it- 


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