Another Neck Warmed!

lace neck 2

My lovely lace scarf for my future MIL never got long enough to be considered a scarf, but it made a lovely neckwarmer!  It is warm, but not too warm.  Also, it is soft and pretty and light.  It is good fall, winter, spring scarf.  Though, in winter it is better for inside than out!  Roanne seems to like it.  I wonder if she has been wearing it around the house.

lace neck 1

I really like how it came out– Roanne says all of her friends will want one.  I can’t imagine knitting a ton of these.  Maybe in a simpler pattern.  k1 YO K2tger

 In other news- New Years was a blast!  I’m exhausted, but that’s how you can tell it was truly fun!!  Now I’m gearing up for moving, which means there won’t be much knitting going on, but I’m making a ton of plans for my studio! 

Only 18 days until official move in day!!!

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