From the Ground UP

Inside loft

This is my new studio space. FAB! I’m uber excited! I’m also a little nervous because it’s so oddly shaped, I really need to make the most out of what I have.  I have been looking for different table/ storage options.

 This is what I’ve been thinking:

Vikka Manne

This is the Vika Manne table from Ikea.  It is light weight which is nice when I have to carry it upstairs into the loft through a small hole that is my new doorway, but also it is small which will be important for that space.  I have a craft table that is going back to its previous owner because it is not conducive to my new studio.  Vika Manne is an afordable, size conscience option.

Vika Glasholm


This is the Vika Glashholm.  Aesthetically I like it much better, but it is more expensive, and if I get the top that you can illuminate from the bottom- it’s twice as expensive.  But it’s very pretty, glass would be nice for printmaking, and there are alternate legs that you can get that are actually storage friendly.  This is a viable option. 


Vika Gruven

This is the Vika Gruven.  I LOVE this table.  I love the glass top makes it possible to keep things that you constantly want to look at out of the way.  I love the storage in the legs, I love the glass top that doesn’t make me constantly look at my thighs.  LOVE.  It is more than twice as expensive as my first table option, though.  As my fiance would say-  OF COURSE I LIKE THIS ONE.

Lack Bookshelf

This is the Lack Bookshelf.  It being a very popular ikea item, you probably recognize it.  It is sturdy, comes in fun colors, and can be placed horizontally or vertically and still be structurally sound.  I think it would be ideal for yarn/ fabric/ canvas storage.  My studio has space against the new walls that is only 14″ high, so I it’s the perfect area for smart storage!  Lack Bookshelves are quite sturdy.  I think I need two of these!


This is Alex.  He is flat storage.  I think I need at least one of Alex.

Well, I don’t believe I can get all of this right away.  I’ll have to keep deliberating over the table, and measure to see what I can get through the enterance to the studio.  This studio poses a lot of challenges, but I’m ready!  And excited!!


Stairs up to loft


One thought on “From the Ground UP

  1. What cool stairs. Is that like a built in baby gate at the top? No Q’s allowed?

    I like Vika Gruven. It’s great storage and good studio usage. But because the first table is so cheap, it might be worth it to just get that and move up to the nice one later. Also you don’ want to not be able to get it out!

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