New Blog!

Jessie and I are collaborating in a new blog called 419thousand stitches.  I’m really excited about it!  I’ve been trying to talk her into a shared blog for awhile.  It’s about a shared experience of crafting. Because we are no longer living together- we don’t have the visual recognition that we usually do with our respective crafts.

I am going to post pictures from my studio on Tuesday and Saturday. Jessie is going to post on Thursday and Sunday. It will give us a view into each other’s studios, aesthetics, and challenges we are taking on. Jessie quilts, sews, knits and I bead, knit, paint, and do a variety of other crazy things.

You should visit us. Our name comes from the number of yards that seperate us. 419thousand yards. That’s 1885500 burritos, 942750 16″ dpns, and 2541000 X-acto knives.

visit us!! 419thousand stitches

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